Encouraging buyers to continually narrow the house-hunting playing field can lead to quicker, more precise decisions from your client—although it takes a little discipline, a lot of diplomacy, and excellent interpretive skills on the REALTOR®’s part. Here’s how to lead your buyer to the “yes factor” while showing houses.

Starting at property one, record your client’s observations and take additional photos using your phone or tablet. You might consider using the app for Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) which also allows you to take notes on the property, conduct property searches and send customized reports to your clients via email. The app even offers neighborhood and school reports.


As you leave the property, ask the buyer for feedback as to their likes and dislikes about the home. Even though oftentimes you will already know the answer, ask it anyway. Doing so gives clients an opportunity to say out loud what they think, which helps with comprehension and recall.

Then ask, “can you see yourself living here?” If the answer is yes, let the buyer know you’ll add this home to their short list.

As you tour each additional property, continually ask the buyer for feedback, always ending with “does this home qualify for the short list?” Then, in an attempt to keep the list short, ask “Of the homes on our shortlist so far, which is your favorite?”

Continue adding and deleting homes, and ranking short list homes. The goal is to add/delete each home as it is toured, which drives the buyer closer to his/her final choice. Gentle yet direct leading should result in a clear decision as to which home is in the first place position.

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